Buhari is a stupid president, Elected by Stupid people – Islamic Scholar, Imam of peace


The Popular Islamic scholar, Imam Tawhidi, has slammed Buhari, stating that He is a stupid president, adding that he loves Conflict so that he can remain in power.

“Nigerians should know that I’ve actually had contact with his office before, during civil conflicts (Shia-Sunni/army clashes). I was about to come to Nigeria for negotiations and help achieve peace between sects. But it looks like Buhari loves conflict so he can stay in power.

“President Buhari’s cult claim they have nothing to do with terrorists in Nigeria. Yet when I expose terrorists in Nigeria… President Buhari’s fans attack me online. A stupid President is always elected by stupid people.

“I love Nigeria. I have one Nigerian friend and she’s amazing. One of the most successful and honest people I know. I also welcome my new Nigerian followers on Twitter. You have a beautiful country but it would be more beautiful without the terrorism enabled by Dictator Buhari.

“Nigerians please be careful from the Covikkk virus.”

“Look who’s trending number 1 in Nigeria. If the corrupt Nigerian government wants more… I will take over the media narrative in no time. I’ve done it before. #PresidentCovik won’t know what to do with me. Stop supporting terrorists. Stop abusing the people.

“Terrorism is an international concern but you reflect the mentality of Mr. Covikk’s support base. Keep embarrassing yourselves…

“I’ll say it again: Whoever voted for Buhari, especially for the second time after seeing his failures to crack down on terrorists, is 100% stupid, foolish and irresponsible. Victims of terrorism due to Buhari’s incompetence don’t care about minority or majority votes. Wake up.

“Whoever supports Buhari is not only foolish but also responsible for his crimes regardless of their nationality. I’m not even Nigerian and I am standing up for Nigerians. Maybe you should do the same instead of defending the cult that put that Covikkk criminal in power.

“More lies. I am not Nigerian nor am I a follower of Zakzaky and the terrorist regime in Iran. I despise Zakzaky. Criticizing Buhari doesn’t mean I support Zakzaky. I reject them both. I take orders from one person only and that person is my lady.

“The President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari still doesn’t know the name of the virus killing 24,000+ at such a rapid rate. Addressing the nation about it for the first time, he pronounced the virus as ‘CIVIK 1-9’. His friend, Imran Khan, thinks Japan and Germany share a border.



  1. And you think insulting our president and our fellow citizens like that on social media makes you a good person. Re-think!

    Our president could be anything, but allow us the citizens to do the insulting and stay out of our national affairs… Go deal with your own problems.

    • We have all called our current president names and tags of all sort… Down to naming a dog after him… So why scream at someone else’s for calling the president a new name… We all taught the world how to tag us with names… When we stop, others will stop.

    • Imam has said the truth about Buhari Buhari is a stupid and wicked man and everyone who is supporting Buhari is also a wicked and a very stupid person as well God save Biafrans

  2. My dear I don’t know why you are saying all this but one thing I know is that you are up to something but God who sees the heart of men will save Nigerians so mind your business

  3. Nigeria don’t need your help, we only need God help and protection. I know that one day Nigeria will be better than what you see now, in Jesus name.

  4. That’s prove how stupid you are…. Am a Muslim but I don’t agree with silly people like you…. Shame on you.
    It proves how Shia claim to be Muslims while they are not…. It proves that you don’t aim peace love and unity

  5. Kudos to you sir……….you tell us the fact………we are highly grateful……..for those of the people insulting you pls don’t mind them . they are nuisance

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