Jay Boogie VS Bobrisky, Who Really Looks Like A Girl?


Two of Nigeria’s popular transgenders Bobrisky and Jay Boogie still have their A-Game on as no one doesn’t want to be subdued by the other in any way and both seem to be doing their own thing to gain traction on social media.

Jay Boogie who is based in Port Harcourt has always been seen as a man with a girl figure because of his natural looks without surgeries.

Bobrisky, on the other hand, has had countless surgeries to change his body to that of a woman.

She sees herself as the real dear when male crossdressers in Nigeria are concerned and the recent brag he made was when he named himself as the number one male Barbie doll in Nigeria.

So the question we are posing is, among these two male crossdressers, who is the girl?


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