Nobody wishes to date me because i am a stammerer-21 yr old rich girl cries out


Everyone has a burden to bear in life.It is just like the prayers we make when we were all kids.

Some have food but can not eat ,some can eat but have no food, we have food and we can eat so glory is to God.

We should always be grateful for what we have.

Jane has written to relationship expert over her plight.

See her story below.

My name is Jane and I am just 21 years of age. I am very comfortable as the first daughter of a wealthy monarch. As pretty and caring as I can be no one wishes to date me because I am a heavy stammerer. Many have even insinuated that it was because of my dad I am a stammerer and it was something spiritual.

I write well and I am very intelligent but yet no one wants to show me, love.

Please what do I do to come over this burden?

Someone suggested I relocate to where no one knows my family and seek a good relationship there.

Please lets suggest ways we can be of help in our suggestions.

Take the picture appeared on this post is no way related to the character depicted .


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