“No Boxer Is Afraid Of Anthony Joshua Now”


World heavy champion, Anthony Joshua, has been completely written off by fellow boxer, Tyson Fury in a latest interview. He boldly declared Anthony, powerless.

The Nigerian born British based boxer was recently beaten by Mexican boxer Andy Ruiz Jr. It took a rematch to regain his lost title from the Mexican in December.Fury is of the view that Anthony does not command fear anymore because for him to be beaten by a guy like Andy Ruiz, show’s that his fear factor is gone.

He said:

“Everyone has to do whatever they have to do to win a fight,”

“I don’t think any of the fighters out there in the world are worried about AJ anymore, his bubble has well and truly been burst.

“No one is bothered about AJ anymore and they won’t be about Wilder either, when I burst his bubble too.”


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